Dr. Joseph DiZinno被任命为最近比较火的正规赌博软件身份情报副总裁

 推荐最近最火的赌博软件, a leading provider of government IT and engineering solutions and one of the top 100 employee-owned companies in the U.S.,今天宣布. Joseph DiZinno被任命为执行团队成员. Dr. DiZinno, who has previously worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and several identification technology organizations, 被任命为最近比较火的正规赌博软件身份情报副总裁.

作为副总裁,Dr. DiZinno will apply his experience in identity analytics to provide oversight and guidance for the continued expansion of 推荐最近最火的赌博软件' Identity Intelligence practice. 在这个角色中,Dr. DiZinno will serve the organization's customer base that comprises its national priority markets, 包括反恐, 国土安全, 联邦执法, 和联邦医疗保健计划, 并在实践中引领下一代的成长.

“加上著名的专家博士. DiZinno's caliber to our Identity Intelligence practice at 推荐最近最火的赌博软件 is significant,彼得·史密斯说, 总裁兼首席执行官, 推荐最近最火的赌博软件. "His experience in this area is quite impressive and has been recognized nationally and internationally throughout the identity community. 我们在身份情报领域有几个即将到来的大机会, 他将在这些追求中发挥关键作用."

Dr. 迪津诺在联邦调查局工作了22年, advancing from special agent to section chief and ultimately to Director of the FBI Laboratory where he led more than 550 FBI Laboratory personnel, 提供法医鉴定, 技术支持, 专家证人证言, 对联邦政府的培训, 状态, 以及当地的执法机构. He also provided oversight and technical direction for BAE Systems' 国土安全 and Law Enforcement sector and led federal efforts with IntegenX, 快速DNA鉴定技术的领导者. Dr. DiZinno also instructs future generations of forensic specialists as an assistant professor at George Mason University.